Wednesday, April 09, 2008

shift freedom

shift freedom

if every tip of every hair on my head could speak,
i still couldn't say my gratitude.


well, to add to the blog365 challenge, i joined nablopomo's letter challenge for the month of april...and thought rumi's words & my barrette from my sweet sister tipper belonged together. i heart this barrette.


Brad said...

The earings and now this! hot-style-babe

fiwa said...

That is a very cute barrette. Hey, wait... are those PURPLE HIGHLIGHTS in your hair?! You tease! I'm so jealous - I'd love to have hot pink but can't because of work.

I'll tell you here too in case you don't see the reply on my blog - when I was watching that show about the people in the dump, I thought about you and how you & I would have done a much better job foraging for decorations for the home they had to build. If it ever makes it to netflix, it's worth renting.

love u -

Ginni Dee said...

You're stylin' girliegirl!


Sis said...

Dawn - you are so cute! Can I be you when I grow up?

Lisa Hoffman said...

This hair is too perfect for you. The barrette?..inspired. The perfect gift.

rumi....I have him on speed dial too.
hasn't he gotten us through it all?
Lisa H.