Friday, April 11, 2008


katy road pink

the hardest thing to leave behind is my garden. God nursed my heart back to health this past year here. early every morning and each evening, i would sit or just aimlessly deadhead my roses while giving God little shoutouts. there were days that i would sit and realize that if i could still smell perle d'or or a satsuma blossom that i was still there and gonna be okay.

i hope the person behind me appreciates her as much as i do. this is her love letter to me...and the jasmine is just about to pop.


fiwa said...

I wondered if that lady knows how lucky she is too.

What a beautiful love letter. The poppies and the artichokes are my favorites.

Enjoy the time you have left and take some old friends with you.


Marilyn said...

I remember when you were building your garden house/studio and when you were building paths & beds. Now you can take all this knowledge and experience forward to your new house and garden. Before you go, give your garden a kiss and hug for being a good & patient teacher. The student learned well.

I have a strong feeling that the new owner will be a gardener who will feel the same gardening vibes as you. :-)

Sis said...

And your new garden will bloom and grow and wave with newfound confidence and independence.

I can't wait to see what's planted in it...somehow, I won't be surprised if there's a lot of "new"...

Keely said...

I have always loved that beautiful big slab of rock with it's peep hole!!!

devotedsatellite said...

thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful garden... it's gorgeous, and very inspiring. we just ripped all of the grass out of our yard in hopes to do something similar to what you did. it's a slow, tiresome, yet rewarding process. you're pics gave me an extra boost of energy to get outside and work.

i can't imagine having to leave your garden, but you get a new canvas now. designing gardens is fun! and like your friend said above, take some of your babies with you!

martha brown said...

I completely empathize with you. I'm leaving my garden in 2 weeks -- I'm taking many of my plants, but I worry about what I'm leaving behind. I've left a map of what's there for the next tenants -- because our plants are just starting to peak out of the ground. Some students are moving into my place -- I hope they care. But I know that I have to let go and move on -- and I'll have a wonderful time with my new garden planning!!
So here's to us, and our new, beautiful gardens, Dawn! Cheers!

Ginni Dee said...

Dawn..."To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

Move on with love and cheer in your heart girliegirl, knowing it is time. You've made some incredible steps in your new life and the change will be a good thing. I remember when you were building your little green garden shed and it was so you back then. You're a different person now and you'll have a new garden that I'm sure will be every bit as meaningful as this one.

love you Dawnie

Cheryl said...

It was a beautiful slideshow. I occasionally park by my old house to look at what's left of my garden. I took many parts of it to my new (well 14 years old now) home. So many memories are with me. I wish you well on your new gardening adventure.

bonnie said...

You have such a poetic, romantic outlook. I don't like the word "outlook." Is is attitude? You exude peace and ease. I have a feeling your head is full but you seem to pull out the simple beauty and state it with such grace. I love checking in on you. It's like have a moment of the simplest beauty, perfection.

Val said...

It must help to realize you're not only leaving it behind but also passing it on. You're both leaving and following a trail of hope and love and beauty, Dawn. Best wishes.