Sunday, April 13, 2008

the corners


today is going to be spent organizing and weeding the closets. umm, i will be getting the corners.

i was too exhausted yesterday to even come back to yesterday's post and say that the movie image is a clickable link to netflix. (it is.) i even made a deal with my kids that if they let me off the cook hook yesterday that i would cook and clean up today.


fiwa said...

Ok, it's not fun while you're doing it, but it sure feels good afterwards when you can see the floor again, right?

Alison Gibbs said...

Oh yuck organising closets!!!

Lisa Hoffman said...

If you're in your Power Aprons, all will be well. Call out pizza, then Chinese, then Italian.....

I'll be right over with the movies and the wine.


diane said...

hey i know your mission is a little different, as you are moving. but check out link below. i love the concept (3 trash bags), and little steps prove be better for me.