Wednesday, March 12, 2008

tea spot


this is one of those posts that i almost didn't make. i am bonetired, stetched too thin and in dire need of a break of reality and a break of the unknown. yep, one of those stages in life...i sorely need a tea spot, a slice of quiet and a scoop of still on the side.


Sis said...

Don't forget to drizzle your slice and scoop with a stream of shut-eye, and sugar it up with some sweet dreams.

Sounds like you need a break, darlin'! Saturday's a'comin...

fiwa said...

Soon it will be all settled.
I'm wrapping you in hugs and love in the meantime.


A bird in the hand said...

Put your boots and coat on and come here. It's very quiet.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

I'm sending a smidge of peace all tied up with a ribbon of solitude your way sweetpea! Hang on baby....Friday's a'commin! xoxo

Ginni Dee said...

...and don't forget the hot steamy bowl of serenity.


Marilyn said...

Buy, or pick, the biggest bunch of daffodils or red tulips you can find!

Then sit back in your most comfy chair, have that cup of tea ( with something decadent and chocolate-y to wash it down, of course!)and drink in the beauty of those flowers. And breathe...just breathe.