Sunday, March 16, 2008

souvenir de la malmaison

souvenir de la malmaison

the garden is finally in its true awakening outside as i purge and clean inside. this is my climbing souvenir de la malmaison as of this morning. climbing sdlm is a oncebloomer, so i always know that spring is here when she decides to grace us with her presence.

it was a little over a year ago that we were doing the lifechanging purge&clean (yes, quite similar to the bend&snap), but now it is the solo downsizing of a modest nest for the next chapter of my life with soon-to-be-just one little nestling where three used to be. this is the downsizing that most people do twenty years from now, not at forty-two...but for some reason, i feel quite liberated by that. i hope to get my act together and have my last garage sale here in the next month or so.

one thing i do need is some of the unknowns to work themselves into knowns. it is hard to have done everything you can do and be at the mercy of the Unkinkmeister. to just sit and wait has to be the hardest verb of all verbdom.

until then, i will just keep purging, cleaning and readying my head for all that lies ahead.


Cheryl said...

Fold upon fold upon fold upon fold. Your life is slowly revealing itself to you one layer at a time. What it holds will be perfect for you.

Linda said...

Cheryl is right.
I am also one who can't sit still waiting. Last year purging and cleaning was the perfect solution. Before our move I purged 30 to 50 percent of our stuff. I have missed nothing.

Ginni Dee said...

We done that before least 75% of the stuff we had stored, stashed and cubby-holed went in a huge dumpster! I have missed NONE of it, just like Linda! Purging is very cathartic and not to mention space-making!

I could just eat up that rose...and I know first-hand how yummy it smells!!


Sis said...

You are taking cuttings with you? Anything that beautiful needs to be propagated. I don't think I've ever seen a more beautiful SdlM bloom.

Anonymous said...

You're in an amazing place right now, Miss Dawn. Your SDLM seems to know.

Marilyn said...

I see some similarities between you and your SDLM. You are both unfurling and showing the world your worth and beauty.

Keep blossoming, Dawn.

fiwa said...

Waiting is so hard - just try to trust that what's supposed to happen will happen, whether you can see the end of the story line or not. Hard to do though - I know.

Your SDLM is so gorgeous, just like you.

diane said...

What a beautiful rose d. And a really great shot by you~
And "bend & snap" was the funniest line in that movie, by far, wasn't it? I can relate!
I will post when I get there, but have been using a couple of your stamps in my Art & Soul project. You will see, and you will like~
come by....diane =)