Friday, March 14, 2008

flores street house eater

flores street house eater

it hit 95 today and my flores street house eater finally bloomed. i had rooted it from a cutting from a branch of it that was hanging over the sidewalk at the flores street house (before they cut it back a bit) about four years ago and it has taken this long to bloom. it is one of those cuttings that i managed to baby and keep it going...and if i was a spider, i would totally chill there, too.


fiwa said...

How cool - did you take your cutting from the original house eater?

It's very pretty.

Keely said...

What a beauty! (The flower, not the spider!)

So whenare you coming to put in my garden??? [grin]

Sis said...

I remember when you got that cutting!

When it gets big, I want a cutting from you!

Ginni Dee said...

How pretty! I love the itsy bitsy spider being shy and hiding behind the petal!


Anita said...

Hi! I stopped by on a suggestion from Diane (from Rosa Josies) and I just had to say this is absolutely beutiful... and a spider with good taste!