Friday, March 07, 2008



my next life will have chickens in it. my heart is set on araucanas & silkies.

i bought these today from a girl who has chickens in her life now. some are the light blue araucana eggs. i love them and can't wait to cook with them this weekend.


fiwa said...

Silkies are the fluffy ones that look like they're in costume?

I like the fresh eggs, but someone else can take care of the chickens - I got my fill of 'em when my sis had the chicken farm.

I hope you can find a place in SM where you can have chickies.


Sis said...

Oh, Dawn - I want you to have chickens.

I want ME to have chickens. Out here, though, you have to really put some money into a good henhouse, that they can be locked up in tight at night - too many coyotes and wild hogs around, not to mention the 3 dogs of our own.

But for the time being, I get eggs from Miz Cat whenever I need or want them...she's got some great hens, her favs are the banties.

I'm with you on the araucanas - and with her on the banties - I want pretty chickens, lol!

bonnie said...

What color are the yolks?

Ginni Dee said...

Dawn, I miss my chickens almost as much as my horses. I had a couple Araucanas and the eggs are the same as any old common egg inside, but the shells are the most gorgeous shades of blue, green, tan and pink!! Natures Easter eggs!! The prettiest one I ever had was a bright torquoise egg. I wish I had been as good about taking pictures as I am now. :(

I loveLoveLOVEd my chickens! I had about 25 layers of all kinds and they were mostly tame. We had more eggs than we could eat or sell! I sold them for almost nothing!

Get chickens in this life, they are beautiful!


Lisa H said...

I want an apartment in the middle of NYC, then I want a little house in the country. A place where I can have chickens and know the name of the Chicky types like: araucanas and silkies. I'll have a porch or a stoop. I'll bake pies. I'll go to estate sales with Dawn....


Anonymous said...

Oooh! How cool would it be to have chickens that lay these beauties :-)

A bird in the hand said...

Chickie chicadee! I've never seen this color before. xoxo

Karen said...

We had chickens for a long time--I loved the araucanas--well, I loved all of them.

The kids loved going out in the morning and getting the eggs for breakfast, but then the neighbors moved in with the 'bad dogs' and the kids weren't allowed to go out to the barn anymore...

And then we had rampaging raccoons strike.

Now those dogs are gone, and we've all been talking about having chickens again. They are fun.

diane said...

Love the egg shot d. Yes, chickens are nice, and a few goats too....