Sunday, February 03, 2008

like we used to walk

keds from back in the day

last year, i walked into a garage and found these for a dollar. vintage keds in my size. miracles never cease. when i put these on, you know that i am gardening.

last sunday, i cleaned out and cut back probably a third of the border beds as well as all of the potager, cut back the bananas, cleared the paths and bound up everything for trashpickup. surprisingly, my pineapple guavas grew like weeds this winter. i found seven dead roses and already my mind is thinking of what i want to put in their places. i think my molineaux is dead and i am scared to look, though. if a rose survived my neglect last year, it can wear its survivorbadge with pride. my citrus trees survived and my satsuma tree has really taken off since the pecan tree had to come down in august.

i actually couldn't blog about the loss of that tree. the day after sage's birthday in august, we heard a huge crash when half of it fell over. i couldn't risk damage to my house and my power lines, so i had it cut down. that tree had held my kids' forgotten treehouse & swing and it really symbolized a closed chapter. it was a big decision that i had to make myself which was very defining at that time. note to self: call a stump grinder.


Sis said...

And I bet that's when you were gonna be ok.

I love you, Dawnie!

Anonymous said...

That is a big decision, Dawn. So many memories and connections in that tree.

Marilyn said...

When one chapter closes, another one reveals itself. You've got fresh, clean space to create another memory.

Better get another tree planted so that the future grandkids can have a tree house, too!


Brad said...

I'm PEA GREEN with envy at what you can grow down there!

A bird in the hand said...

Sometimes things happen "naturally". You don't have to do anything but let life take its course... much love to you my KedsSister! xoxo