Saturday, February 23, 2008

change for the better

fortune cookie

the past two days have been exhausting and exhilarating. a downsize and a move is in our future. with b graduating in june, his brother moving out last year and the household dwindling down to two, we don't need this much home any more. we have been househunting and mindstretching in san marcos.

this past year was one to absorb and to adjust to our new life. i clung to this house and my beloved garden because it was all i had left of our past life, but we feel in our hearts that it is time to leave and find a new home. whoever buys this house will get a gem.

v jumped to the challenge when it was just a whispered possibility, so she is officially still my hero.


Sis said...

Oh, girl...

San Marco is where we camped last year...and I am planning to migrate down there every year or so to hit the outlet shopping. Jack has a wonderful cousin and family there, too...and can't forget the Schlitterbahn (sp?).

I'll be holla-in at you pretty quick after you and your superhero make the move.

Sis said...

San MarcoS I mean, haha

diane said...

v has her mother's spirit~

Ginni Dee said...

How exciting. You turn every new challenge into a reality sweetie and you and V will tackle this and make it great!


fiwa said...

Good things on the wind - I see it in my crystal ball. :)

I'm looking forward to experiencing the journey with you.


Brad said...

When you feel it in your gut I always say go for it.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

In the words of Tupac..."Change? Change is good!"
So excited for you and V! xoxo

jackie said...

Good luck on the search Dawn. I hope you'll share the house hunt with us. I love looking at properties!

: )

Keely said...

How fun! You'll be able to bring beautiful life to a new location!

Let your garden grow, Dawn!!!