Saturday, January 05, 2008

yin yang

blossom, shadowboxer and a ray of light

hey you. thank you for the questions. i will start answering the questions in order and need to take a photo or two today for cheryl's question.

on new year's day, i took this photo of blossom and shadowboxer and i wanted to share this video of them that deb took when they were just eighteen days old. our friends deb and portia are the petpeddlers. we got lucy mae & blossom from them in july and last month we adopted shadowboxer. their mother was feral and had come into their home to have her kittens. they kept their sister, the little striped kitten. now, i wish i had taken shadowboxer in july but at the time, i didn't think i could manage one more little beast in my new role as a single mamacita. i will be forever grateful for these bebes and what they restored in our life.

if this video brings out the 'awwwwww' factor and makes you want a kitten, just go do it already.


diane said...

d~what a precious video of new life =)

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Awwwwwww, new kitty babies are always a heartstring puller! I'm already owned by 2 furmommas, who were frantically searching for those tiny mews. lol

fiwa said...

Oh...they are SO CUTE! I had to keep the sound off, because it's the mews that tug at your heartstrings.

Pets are the best, I can see why they say they are so good for your health. I wish I could talk my mom into getting one, but then again, she's never home to need the company.

jackie said...

Oh how cute! I had the sound up and you should have seen the look on Miss Cookie's face!

Hearing the sweet voice of Deb, the lady in the video made me think "hey Dawnster! why don't you do a video where you talk so we can actually hear your voice?!"

You know when you have cyber friends you never hear them. After I've talked to them on the phone or met them in person it's so cool to read their words in their voices. How 'bout it mamacita?

Keely said...

I'm with Jackie! You should make a vlog every once in a while!!! Model one of your urban aprons and talk about it's features. Take us on a guilded tour of your studio, and let us look in your drawers!!! [grin] It could be fun!!!

Keely said...

Okay... that was supposed to be a "guided tour", but if you want to guild it... what ev'!!! [grin]

Ginni Dee said...

Oh yeah, that triggers my "Iwannakitty" response, but alas, allergies make it impossible! I love kitties, tho and yours are simply adorable!


captain corky said...

Cute! We have two cats and now we're seriously considering getting a dog. I think a dog would be good for Max.

A bird in the hand said...

I just came over to listen to your music. You have the best that I can hear it!!

I don't want a cat; I want a dog, who'll adore me and protect me. Woof!