Wednesday, January 02, 2008

to make like a cat

to the left and centered

to let myself off the hook for one day is delicious. yesterday was that day. i got back under the covers simply because the sun was shining on them and cats were on top of them. making like a cat really is a good resolution. okay, so i know that the term 'resolutions' is deemed as lame now, but if you change them to the word 'goals', that somehow does work. maybe, it is the idea of another list which works. hmmm.

my goals/resolutions for 2008:

1) allow myself to make like a cat whenever i feel a meowmeow coming on

2) meet my goal of a book a week (anthony bourdain, if you are reading this, i am reading the nasty bits at the moment and in your preface, i realized that what you were describing was this clip that i just saw on the telly two days ago. even sucking on an eyeball, you are still hot.)

3) keep my heart+mind open to this love bizniz (someone with fresh little babies need not apply. grown babies or no babies, yes. the kids have been making like scouts for months and it might take a miracle or a grassroots movement, but we still have 364 days. thank God for leap day.)

4) keep my studio cleaner (if you could see it at this moment, you would call me whitetrash...but by the end of the week, i will have cleaned up good.)

5) blog everyday (fiwa & i egged each other on. i could point the blamin' finger, but i won't.)

6) lose five pounds (after the cupcakes are gone. i am closer to my goal already because the see's chocolates are toast. it doesn't say anything about the last five pounds in the cougar handbook, but i just want to be prepared.)

7) keep growing out my hair simply because i miss the option of ponytails (don't laugh, but until i became single, i really thought people woke up with perfect hair and i had just sadly been smacked with the uglyhair stick. for the past nine months, i have been growing it out from buzzing it all off last year and actually use a blow dryer on a daily basis. okay, so a little effort goes a long way, or at least, an inch closer.)


Ginni Dee said...

No resolutions for me this year. My new year's resolutions tend to follow Newton's third law of motion!

Blog on sweetcheeks!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

I second your catimini motion! I have no doubts you'll rawk your goals out this year and then some--especially the happybitchslap! =o]

fiwa said...

Look at little missy with her beautiful cat eyes and top knot.

I love your goals, specially #1. Regarding #5, it's not nice to point anyway, speciall at yourself. heehee...

#7, I wear my hair in a topknot like V's at night, because lawdymercy, if I didn't you'd be screamin' in fright.

Sandra Evertson said...

Good for you, I haven't figured out mine yet, but I know I already broke one on the Buttercream cupcakes below!
Sandra Evertson

A bird in the hand said...

goals are good. daily blogging? yeehaw! And I'll have my high-speed on Friday and haunt you daily. In a good way xoxoxo

Who is this gorgeous golden child in the photo?

Alison Gibbs said...

Good luck with your resolutions.
#1 is fabulous
#4 is way too hard.
Have a wonderful year.

Marilyn said...

I'd recognize those green eyes anywhere....even without the yummy green scarf!

I'm about to wreck one of my resolutions already, courtesy of that cupcake recipe. lol

Big hugs to you as we all jump into the world of 2008!


nikkipolani said...

V is gorgeous.
Looking forward to everydaywithdawnfiwaandginni!

Sis said...

I took the doubledogdare - yikes

At least I'll get to read yours when I'm online trying to come up with something for mine! haha

happy 2008!

Keely said...

So... This is V? What are you doing... raising a bunch of super models??? [grin]

Well, you can hang that picture on the wall right beside the other!!!

Brad said...

I've been keeping 'Jack' in my Yenta file for a while for just the right woman. 47 years, children grown and gone. smart, funny & well employed - I'm just saying...

The Artful Eye said...

Beautiful youth, peeking here. Resolution, scmesolution, Goals are good and these actually appear doable. one exception: #4 studio kept cleaner, how do they get so mucked up, it's a vicious cycle.
7. Cut all my hair off 5 years ago and badly miss pony tails- until I think of the blow dryer then I cut it shorter. Here's to your goals!!

diane said...

dawn~V is BEAUTIFUL!

Rachel Louise said...

I think I'm going to re-start my blog and start by posting my resolutions. =] Oh, I totally like V's hair.

Rachel Louise said...
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Karen said...

Love your 'goals'!

I made a button for '52 books' and wondered where I should link it to--I thought about making a blog where we could all post our lists...?

Let me know what you think--if nothing else, you're welcome to grab the button. I couldn't figure out how to link it to a specific one of your posts...