Monday, January 14, 2008

jelly & glam


like i said earlier, i had been searching for a vintage GE makeup mirror for months since i started to play with eyeshadow. this is exactly like the one that my mother had when we were little. i needed the closeup mirror to practice since babygirl said that my first trials at eyeshadow application made me look like a baby prost¡tute. whatev.

i found the mirror at thrift town for $5.99 and didn't have to turn any babytricks. since the thrifted cart was from a mechanic shop, i channeled my inner rosie the riveter and gave her a little makeup table for her jelly & glam.

saturday, i asked annie to go with me to an estate sale while the girls were in ballet. we walk into a closet and i find 11AAA shoes for a dollar. i couldn't resist these silver heels. not that i can walk in them or anything, but i can make like a baby prost¡tute and crawl.


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Dawn what a fun post.
Keep on practicing with that eyeshadow. Can't have any baby prostitues in the house. LOL

Ginni Dee said...

I swear girl, you find THE bestest deals! Glad you got your mirror and didn't have to sell your soul (or anything else ...wink wink) to get it!

The shoes are too cool...if nothing else, just leave them laying in your boudoir. If you ever have "company"! It will at least appear that you must be able to walk in them, or why would you have them...right"?


diane said... that the catinet in thar?
how about wearing them this weekend? you know you'd fit in just fine!

Ginni Dee said...

Hey Dawn, is it okay for me to put a link to your blog on my blog?

Brad said...

Nothing better than a bargin !

Lisa H said...

Did you say "..your MOTHER'S mirror..."???
I happened to have one just like that. Sat there (in the disco 70's) gettin' ready to step out on a Saturday night. I've heard it said that artists can bravely look at themselves in the mirror because they "observe" themselves by line and design and have a less emotional reaction. It's more like:
"Huh...well, looky here..."
You, on the other hand, are beautiful in addition. Gaze away....
Lisa H.

A bird in the hand said...

Nice strappies!!!

Do we get to see the eye shadow? On your lovely eyes, that is.

Marilyn said...

Uh...I caught the MOTHER'S mirror reference, too. ;-)

You scored again on some great bargains. ( Pssst....I had a makeup mirror like that in the 70's).


~S said...

I had that mirror too in the 80s left it with Mom though. :) Love the shoes!

fiwa said...

*Squeal* We had one of those too! I loved it at the time, now it just scares the heck out of me to see the wrinkles that close up! I'm glad you got your glamazon boudoir table though - and I LOVE THOSE SHOES.