Saturday, January 12, 2008

flow & solo

of good measure

How did you ever find a mandarinquat anyway?! lol

Was your new tattdesign a solo project by you, or a collaboration?

(i get my mandarinquats at central market...i am trying to root some stems and germinate some seeds, but we will see how successful that is.)

i guess my newest tat could be considered a collaboration since you have to count the tattoo artist who inked it, but i designed it all by my solo. i took it in and he made the transfer and started the inking right then and there. in my mind, i want my tattoos to flow and make designsense on my body. i reversed bits and pieces of my first one and made the frame for my second one, so they could be part of each other. my inspiration idea was 'if emily dickinson squirreled away to the inking parlor, what would she pick out of the tattered ledger?' something a little country and a whole lot of rock&roll. (emily, by the way, you still freaking rock.)

i thought i was done, but i think i need another one. tattoos are like lay's potato chips. you can't have just one. i have never been to a spa, but to be on the table having someone work on you must be what dayspas are like, except with a little pain.


fiwa said...

Hmmm...interesting. I'm using google reader to read blogs, and I can see a book post that isn't up here. Just sumfin to keep in mind.

I love the explanation for your tatoo. Emily would be proud to be the inspiration for such beauty. I kinda know what you mean about the dayspa thing, it's sort of a good pain, isn't it? We must be freaks. Where you going next, arm, ankle?

Ginni Dee said...

I've never had a tattoo, but I'm living vicariously thru you! I can relate to the feeling of being in a spa...ever had a pedicure? Being administered to like that is always pleasant.

Ms. D is a great inspiration!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Chicklet, you just amaze me everytime you blogspeak. I definitely agree about ink, and it's HIGH time I get another....
You'd think I'd have HEARD of a mandarinquat since I live in Citrus Central.... xoxo

Brad said...

I wanna see the Tat! Can I ? can I ? can I ? Pretty please - with sugar on top ?

A bird in the hand said...

I just came for the music.
"You know how I feel....." I can't resist a little bump and grind.

Cheryl said...

I love the first one too! No tats here but I love being worked on. Even being waxed is ok. It's the human touch. Massages are the beast!

Cheryl said...

PS to can't see the book post because *. took it down!

Keely said...

Well... okay Brad. You can see Dawn's tat. Just scroll back several posts! It is there in all of it's inked lovliness, and the background for todays post is the artwork for both tats, I believe!!!

I still can't find any mandarinquats. I had a lovely oroblanco, though, the other day!

Flea Market Queen said...

Love yur tats!
I have a small not so pretty anymore toe ring tattooed on my toe, thinking of having it redone??
But my two sons are so ink addicted...they both have lots!