Sunday, December 09, 2007

shadowboxer and the new catinet


johnny cash might have walked the line, but i have seriously crossed the line and dived into the pond of WT. does five cats seem a little white trash? i hope not, but if so, whatev.

my sister tipper and my nephews drove into town on friday with a new cat for us from our friends, deb & portia. he is actually blossom's brother and stepbrother to lucy mae's brother. we keep it all in the family, countrystyle.

we had our openstudiosale and let the kids dabble in gratuitous violence on the playstation... and what good is an aunt if she can't load her nephews up with sugar and forbidden junkfood? they left this morning and i had loaded both sets of pockets with candy and said 'be very quiet with it. your momma has sugarwrapper ears.' and of course, they so got busted when they got in the car. 'i hear candy,' she said. who in the hell hears candy? my sister, that's who.

shadowboxer, blossom & the new catinet

well, this is shadowboxer's formal introduction.
shadowboxer, blog.
blog, shadowboxer.

the first night, blossom was doing the siamese chittygrowl that says 'oh, it ain't no. itz hell no' in siamese and if cats could do the 'chickenhead', she would have been doing that, too. today is a new day and they are playing in and on their new old catinet. i need to go get pipe cut for the broken handle, but i think this will work just fine.

oh, and thank you to all of you who suggested favorite books to read. i have put them all in a word doc and now have a list to start with. thank you, you sugarlumps you.


Ginni Dee said...

I think 5 cats is tres chic! You'll never have mice and if you get a sudden cold snap, just look at all the kittywarmth you'll have!

Besides, someone with a heart as big as yours SHOULD have as many furbabies as possible!

You're the cat's meow!

fiwa said...

Wasn't there talk of a potbelliedpiggy at one point? I think you need one.

I love the catinet, specially that red paint. I wonder what it was in it's former life?

Oh, and you did your duty as an auntie, that's all you can do. ;) I have a sister that can smell candy on the breath, like alcohol, and would do a candy breath check when I brought the kids back. I always failed that particular test.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Personally, I think a loveygal should have exactly as many furkids as she can afford to love! :o)
The catinet RAWKS, and it looks like an older wiser version of the one that sits in my craft room with a big ole mannish toolbox atop it. (I share my space with Hubby as far as tools are concerned....the sweetie NEVER complains about sparkles embedded in the grease covering some of them!)The young'un doesn't have handles though.
(Industrial tea cart comes to mind! lmao) xoxo

jackie said...

Good ta meechya SB.
Yer gonna luv it there.
: )

tiffany renfrow said...

ummm hummm...
sugar wrapper ears I have-
but who needs those when you can
'grab a towel, grab a cat and get into the cousin bed'
.....just keepin' it country style!
and oh, love mr. shadowboxer. He can ride with us anytime!

nikkipolani said...

The cats certainly approve the new cabinet! And that Shadowboxer looks like a charmer already. Beautiful.

Palm Springs Savant said...

I just love kitties...I have a Persian orange tabby and he is as cute as can be..

Sweet Remembrance said...

5 cats, how fun!
I am allergic to cats but wish I could have just one!

captain corky said...

I just love it when you call me sugarlump. ;)

Keely said...

ooooooh! I just want to cuddle with the kitties!!! [grin]


Scheherazaad said...

Shadowboxer is a great name for a cat. Love the catinet.

Sorry I didn't post any book suggestions on your previous post. With all my career changing avid reading has ground to a halt for me, so I will suggest blasts from the past:

Before She Met Me by Julian Barnes. He is one my favourite authors. This is the first book of his that I ever read, and it lead to my Barnes addiction

The Impressionist by Hari Kunzru. Kunzru could become my next addiction, if I just get more reading time.

diane said...

dawn~that catinet is my new favorite color! what a great piece~and....i will get to meet all those critters this weekend! =)

Marilyn said...

Welcome SB! You are going to love your new family, especially your momma. She rocks!!


Cheryl said...

Welcome new kitty. I bet they love having lots of peeps in the house. Love the catinet too.

Brad said...

If I didn't have the control mechanism know as “the partner” I'd have 17 cats and 11 dogs - Rock on Sister !

P.S. Lilly Cat just jump up here on the desk/keyboard to give her paws up.