Tuesday, November 27, 2007

rolly & scruffy

the rolly and scruffy kind

yesterday, i got every errand done on my list by 10am, worked in the studio while supervising puppage (or was puppage supervising me?) and then subbed at highschool for the afternoon.

i had a few of my eighth graders from last year and felt very motherhenny. they looked older, acted older and it really made me very happy to see them. it looked like they had found a better fit for the skin they had been stretching into last year. if you can survive junior high, you can 'bout survive anything.

there are so many wonderful kids in this world: kids who are the presidents of the art clubs; kids who are in ROTC and who will be serving our good country in the future; kids with strong political views; kids who think, rethink, measure & weigh ideas; kids who make their moms worry less than some do; kids who make their moms worry more; kids who have grown closer to whom they are becoming; kids who have already woven the idea of volunteering & caring into their daily lives; kids who think the book they have to read is lame, but the last book was really the bomb; kids who have that little rebel in them; kids who embrace different races and sexual preferences and never had to 'get over' anything in the first place and the list goes on.

i wish more adults were like the kids whom i have the privilege to know.


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Preachin' to the choir sista! We should be taking classes from THEM!! ;o) xoxo

fiwa said...

I love LM's fur, she looks like a gizmo.

Junior high was the absolute worst, hs feels like a breeze by comparison. I know those kids are glad to have someone who understands them the way you do... there are so few adults who do.

Ginni Dee said...

Your outlook on kids today is so positive...nice to read something like this for a change about them. Usually the stuff I deal with is all negative where kids of J.Hi age are concerned. Thanks for the reminder that kids don't alway = bad!!

Love your thinkin' little one!