Tuesday, November 20, 2007

peppermint crunch & a seven


knitty mcpurlypants tagged me for a nablopomo meme.

the rules:
link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
share 7 random and or weird things about yourself.
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1) i save my magazines until i have a chance to properly read them. (my first magazinelove was andy warhol's 'interview'. my friend deb & i were just talking about this shared love of that magazine last night.) holiday magazines are the best!

2) i wear size 11 AAA shoes and i can easily say that my feet don't make my butt look big.

3) my car has to be cleanclean on the inside, but i have no problem with it being dirtydirty on the outside.

4) i believe in lists and just printed out my ingredient list for thanksgiving. it is the same one that i have been working from for over twenty years. (it used to be handwritten, but now it is a word doc.) at the top of it, i added "more andes peppermint crunch mints". they are insanely good, like those minty nonpareils candies, but even better.

5) i am a total mutt (irish, cherokee, blackfoot, french & german) who has felt she was born in the wrong color skin since elementary school. i could be your sista from another mista.

6) to a fault, i have to be productive 24/7. it is hard to sit and not do something.

7) trash tv is my huge vice. i watch i love new york 2 (and still think she & chance should be together), tila tequila (and think dani is the one for her), the real housewives of orange county and the hills. bret michaels is going to do another rock of love. bring it on.

i know only four other nablopomo bloggers:
ginni davis
my ladeda

(if you are a nablopomo blogger & i don't know it, run with it. run like the wind, child. even if you aren't a nablopomo blogger, feel free to tag yourself and play.)


Amysatx said...

Great list! I don't feel like I have to be productive 24/7 but I do have a hard time transitioning from the work "me" to vacation "me." It takes me a few days to feel relaxed enough to just hang out and read or knit. I'm not quite at that point yet-hopefully I will get some R & R days in before we go back.

Ginni Dee said...

Hmmmm...I'll have to learn how to do links! Sounds like fun. I'll figure it out tho. Lots to do today ...T'giving planning and some cooking. Not to mention work, etc! LOL (Excuses, excuses!! ACK!)

Love your list. Sounds just like I pictured you.

fiwa said...

Girl, I love you and your lists and your hankerin' for trash t.v.
There's gonna be ANOTHER Rock of Love?! The heavens are singing with joy, I can hear it. Woohoo!

nikkipolani said...

I don't ever recall thinking your feet looked big, Dawn, and I'm sure you've posted pictures before. Had a friend in high school who was a 13AAA and could only buy the expensive shoes at Nordstrom.

Brad said...

Good Lord. We're we seperated at birth ?

A bird in the hand said...

8-1/2 M. So boring.

But, my dear irish, cherokee, blackfoot, french & german mutt, mutts rule.

Love, bisous, miigwetch and ya-ee-tay,

Ms Mutt