Thursday, November 29, 2007

clean house(r)


in our neighborhood, there have been numerous robberies since september. we aren't gated, semiclose to the freeway and perfect for those who like to hit it and quit it. two months ago, my next door neighbor was cleaned out. he was boytoycentral. 'was' is the operative word there. the gypsies, tramps and thieves are brazen --- at 10 am, when people are watching tv in the other room, etc. i have an alarm and it is worth the money every month to feel a bit more secure.

there is nothing of streetvalue to steal here. the tools, guns & the good stuff are gone. this highalert has made me start thinking about what is of value to me: my children, my garanimals, my artsythangs, my thrifted le creuset collection, fabricstash, all of my collage stuff, lipgloss, my andes peppermintcrunch stash, etc.

last night found me cleaning my house, just in case the thieves come. just so they can't say 'good Lord, woman, you living like filth!' while they paw my round twoquart french oven...but don't even think they are gonna get the chocolate.

i hid the chocolate. seriously.

(annie & i are gonna eat that at dance on saturday to celebrate her birthday in the most righteous way. happy birthday, annie!)


Cheryl said...

Yup, ya gotta keep the valuables hidden. Priorities. Except when you hide them and can't find them again.
Happy Day Dawn!

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Similar thing happened to the twinboys who live next to us in our triplex. Under cover of noonday sun, evildoers managed to pry off a deadbolt, remove tvs/dvdplayers/stereosystem/gamingconsoles/microwave/jewelry SIGHT UNSEEN. Un-FREAKIN-believable!!
Hooray for righteouschoclatesdancing Birthday Annie and her righteous friend!

fiwa said...

I'm glad you're alarmed - it is worth every penny.

"my thrifted le creuset collection". HOW? HOW? *howl of jealousy* I have never come even close to a find of that magnitude.

Marilyn said...

As long as you have your family, pets and friends to hug then you have it all. The rest is just "stuff".

Reminds me of a co-worker who was cleaned out. TV, PC, DVD player etc. But what really got to him was the fact that they also took 6 pairs of Gold Toe socks (still with the paper attached) that he had just bought. THAT was personal, that got to him more than any of the expensive stuff being stolen.

I understood that.


Ginni Dee said...

Had to laugh at your "last night found me cleaning my house, just in case the thieves come"...I could SO see myself doing that!! LOL

Hold your dear ones close and safe and let 'em have the rest! It's only stuff!

Alarms are good! I'm about to invest in one...we are living in strange times.


Keely said...

Well that was cool... I'm lookin' at your boxes on the shelf (all neatly labeled) and the first song to come on your player is "Stuff Like That There"!!! The first line of which is, "I was alone on a shelf, in a world by myself..."!!! [grin] I love it when that happens.

Cleaning for possible thieves, huh? Tell me when you get to the cleaning before the housecleaners arrive stage. We'll do an intervention!!! ;)


nikkipolani said...

Actually, I think you're addicted to clean and would make any excuse ;-)

captain corky said...

"i hid the chocolate. seriously."

Thank God. ;)

A bird in the hand said...

This is why I think you're one of the bestest people around: your attitude, the way your mind works, and your HUMOR. xoxoxoxoxox