Saturday, October 13, 2007


she has taught me that
hiding under a bushel
is not an option.

i woke up this morning with a realization that sometimes God puts people in your life not when you need them the most, but for when you do. His gifts are there next to you when you need to just reach out in the night to pat them and be reassured of the okayness of it all.

it is funny how we are given the task of teaching and yet end up being the ones taught the very most.


fiwa said...

She is an old soul. I'm so glad you've got your girl.

PS. I adore you as well.


diane said...

Yes, He does doesn't He? Just when I feel like I want to quit He brings a kind word, a smile or a soft breeze from out of nowhere. I am feelin' you girl~
Aren't we blessed to have our daughters to remind us why we are here? GB~di

A bird in the hand said...

So very very true!

And even if you hide your light under a bushel, I can still see it. Diamonds are forever ;) and you are a diamond.


Ginni Dee said...

Do you think 50something is too old to have another kid?

I wanna daughter too!


Andie-The Brown Bee said...

I really needed some bloggity goodness today, and you always have some splendifferous wisdom to impart. Thanks a bushel Chica! ;0)

~S said...

Oh wow! 13? already. The time does fly by so fast and on to independence. She's lucky to have such a talented Mom!