Saturday, October 20, 2007

five thangs, chickenwang!

five things I could be when I grow up…(tagged by the ever-mizthang, carla) though, i love what i am doing now...but i do like the idea of grownup!

1) art teacher (from 7th grade to 12th grade): i especially love jr. high kids. their unique souls haven't scabbed over and they still believe they can do everything they set their mind on and should be told daily.

2) photographer: i love photos. they do to me what a book does to a reader. they let you travel, up close or afar.

3) film critic: what a life that would be.

4) gardener: if i could work my hours in the shade.

5) barista: really, i could.

what five things would you like to be?

this photo is part of our memory wall between the kitchen & (obviously) the pink room. it is full of good memories & castoffs found in different places. the kids will come home & tuck certain items in it. can you really save all of the good memories and delete all of the bad ones? i hope so.

november is national blog posting month. you might need eleven days to think about this, but can you rise to the challenge? i just signed on at, though you can do it on your own. my thinking is to sign up to feel extraaccountable since 'challenge' is the perfect word for it. i will continue to post solely on this blog, but you could post there, too, in addition to your blog.

for the past two mornings, we have been waking up to cool mornings, like what-halloween-should-feel-like cool. it is so exciting & makes me want to cook oatmeal.


fiwa said...

I love your 5 things. I think I'll cheat and save that to do next month.

Girlita, I have found that some of the bad memories, no matter how much I would LIKE to keep them, have just.... gone away. Sometimes it's a disappointment, but I guess our minds know best. I wish you closure.

Love you -
p.s. I heart that pink wall in a hubba-hubba big way.

A bird in the hand said...

You can't delete the bad ones (unless one is an expert in denial). But you can get to the point where you remember but it doesn't hurt, and a little later you barely remember, if at all.

I throw out items that represent truly bad memories because if I don't see them, they're not as "alive" anymore and they fade faster.

That pink wall is extraordinary.
besos to you, chica

mizcarla said...

You could be all of those things and MORE. If I were you--I'd add radio DJ to the list because I'm so diggin the tunes you got playin here!

Your little memory area is such a fab idea--might I borrow it?

thanks for playing

Ginni Dee said...

Awww...we used to have a memory wall was the stone fireplace at my mom's house. We tucked in all sorts of little treasures. They are all still there...sis lives in the house now. I think I'll sneak in some day and add a few new things! Thanks for reminding me!

I tried to think of what I'd be if I weren't what I am. My list was a lot like yours.
1.)Art instuctor (but I'd be a private instructor)
2.)Photog...been there, done that loved it (newspaper photog, that I do it for fun)!
3.)Gardener (same deal, ONLY shade!)
4.)Riding instructor...been there, done that too...had some good students!
5.)Rich benefactress of the arts who travels and gives away money to needy artists/actors/writers!


Linda said...

Whittney is a barista, it has served her well working her way through college - But, she says it is no fun waiting on people in need of their morning fix.