Thursday, March 22, 2007

spring has sprung!

climbing souvenir de la malmaison
my virtual garden gate

the garden is starting to pop. the courtyard is still behind, but i know that it will be popping soon. when the pecan tree starts leafing out, i know that spring is really here. i took photos earlier of how the garden is looking on the second day of spring.

i woke up overwhelmed with stuff to do, deadlines to meet and a house to eventually clean. life has come at us from all angles for the past year and it is enough just to manage. i was out in the garden trying to regroup my thoughts and i realized that i should think of the things that i have accomplished this week instead of what i have to do.

1) i not only hung blinds in my studio, but they are level and i even refit their length and even remembered to predrill the screw holes.

2) finally found clothes that my #2 son liked, jeans that fit him the right way (i need to remember 'low rise, straight leg' (and have already put the tag in my wallet)

3) finished the first round of images and now into revisions.

okay, that is not alot but i still have to focus on imagetweaking, taxes this weekend, studio to i can squeeze time to play in the studio. that is what is missing. sage is coming over this weekend so i am extremely psyched about spending time with him. i look forward to folding clothes tonight while we catch up on our netflix rentals.


anne said...

That SDLM is a thing of beauty, Dawn - have a terrific weekend! (and gracias for the seeds - they're getting nicked tonight)

fiwa said...

Yum, hand me a spoon so I can dig in to that SDLM! I can't wait for the roses to bloom, but we're a long way away still.

Don't get overwhelmed by what you have to do. One thing at a time, and sprinkle in some time in the garden or studio for balance.

What are you watching on Netflix? I just made the boy watch Dangerous Liasons last night. *evil cackle*

~S said...

Oh check out that bloom. I'm still waiting here. sigh...
Schedule small breaks to smell the roses and all those need tos will get done.

Anonymous said...

That SDLM takes my breath way! Any time you feel overwhelmed stop and breathe in that beauty.

My Tropicana is all leafy. Can't wait to see the flower buds emerge.

Enjoy the kiddo this weekend. Everything else can wait!


Shannon said...

::sigh:: Beautiful!