Tuesday, March 27, 2007


yesterday was one of those days that the sky seems bluer, coffee smells even better, even though it is raining and you are drinking tea. i got my revisions in on time and had almost an entire day with sage. since he got his own apartment, i haven't seen him as much as i would like to see him.

the past few months have been a relearning process for me as a mother. what matters in a motherheart is that your children are crazyhappy. he isn't back in college, but he is working and making it at the tender age of seventeen (a year younger than i did it) and he is happy with his lifepace, so i am, too. my only concern now is the lack of time that he has had to create, but that will change.

we had lunch and later went to central market to stock up his fridge. while we were shopping, he found a plastic matchbox that he almost bought. of course, i am always in the 'we can make this, but cooler' mode and thought of collaging our own matchboxes for a sliver of the cost.

we came back to the studio, drank tea &listened to best of bootie while it stormed all afternoon. collagetime turned into dinner and it was one of those days on which you think 'okay, when is the next time we do this? cuz this seriously rocks.'

his collages kick my collages' butts.

mine with brokendown butts

later, i took boothe to his first day on the job at baskin-robbins. i am so proud of him. my first job was scooping ice cream and making danish cones on one of those big ol' danish roundabout conegriddles. i wonder if he will still like ice cream, but hell, he will have some muscular arms.

v brought home straight As yet again and my heart overflows with childpride.


fiwa said...

This post makes me happy, even on a rainy day. You are a wise mama.


anne said...

He is his mother's son... loving all that color :-)

MaryF said...

I can't believe Boothe is working! I worked in ice cream, too, at Haagen Dazs....I lasted 2 days ;)

Lisa H. said...

Nothin' like a boy (or Girl) in the studio with Mom.....time distorts and really good things happen.
Indeed..."The apple never falls far from the Talented Momma Tree...."
I hear that Daddy's a talented tree as well.
These kids have no choice but to Rock the World....

Jill said...

dawn...tell me which BR boothe is working at...this preggy needs her dairy~ poor brody knows the name of the lady that scoops by our house. i'd love to pop in and order from a fellow student!

jackie_o said...

So I see the title and say to myself "like Greenday?" ha ha.

Then it hits me. Sage. Green.
Ba ha ha ha.

I bust me up.