Wednesday, December 27, 2006

tested by fire

i am not gonna lie to you. 2006 kicked my butt. never in my life have i looked forward to a new year. ever. seriously, it was the test of fire.

this past week, we found loving homes for two of our five beloved pooches due to the upcoming relocation with tighter pet ordinances. dot went to a friend with sad eyes & a broken heart and i know that she made his Christmas complete. she immediately went crazy for him and he her and she jumped into his pickemup truck and didn't look back. good for her, even better for him. piccadilly went to a german woman who has been wanting a 'shewawa' for years. her very good friend took piccagirl to gift her on Christmas day... so another rescued dog made someone else very happy. piccadilly will be the only princess that makes my heart happy. she called on Christmas day with piccadilly in her lap as she kissed her. we still need to place our latest rescue, briar tuck, who is a male minpin. brooklyn & picasso (along with our catz) will stay & make the transition with us to new york. i find it quite apropos that brooklyn is going back to long island.

pet woes pale in comparison at this point to kid woes. enuf said...but dang, 2006 kicked my sorry butt.

2007 will be a great year for us. a year of great change in all much as new year's resolutions really might be too much at this point, i still want to make a few.

1) unpack all boxes and set up a home as soon as possible...and embrace it.
2) teach myself how to crochet
3) focus more offline
4) crank creatively
5) continue blogjournaling my thoughts
6) be open to what the new year gives us
7) take better photos
8) dig deep and find the energy & heart to garden a new terrain in a different gardening zone

i have been blessed with wonderful friends & i hope this new year kisses us all. so pardon me while i go spin the bottle & make out with 2007. you, my dear, are gonna get sloppyseconds.


nikkipolani said...

I'm so glad your dear dogs found new homes, Dawn. But how you must already miss them.... What zone will you be in? Is it 6 or 7?

fiwa said...

lol... go party nekkid with 2007, as long as you promise to stick with #5.

Kick 2006's sorry ass out the door!

love & gumdrops,

Scheherazaad said...

Happy New Year! I'm sure 2007 will be a kickass year for you. Ask me any time for help with crochet.