Sunday, October 15, 2006

professor plumbago

it is not only raining, but we turned off the a/c yesterday. *seventytwo degrees at the moment---yip!* the garden is sucking it up and all is right with this world. okay, it isn't, but in this very room at this very moment and if we squint, it is.

plumbago is one of those plants that i never had great success with before until this season. this hot & dry summer really helped it shine. the periwinkle blue couldn't be more perfect and i have some in our 'trashcan alley' on the side of the house and it is performs like a vine there and in other spots, as a billowy shrub.

yesterday, i noticed that our winter cassias (one is in the prime location of outside of the kitchen window) have buds on them and i promised myself that when they bloom, i will take photos of the front in its autumnal glory. for the past two weeks, the sulphurs have been laying eggs on the leaves and by the end of each october, it really is amazing to see fat, beautifully striped sulphur cats intertwined with the bright yellow orchidlike blooms.

it has been nice to have a real weekend to recoup from the workweek and V's birthday celebration on friday afternoon. doing laundry felt like a luxury yesterday and i actually accomplished some things in the studio. we sat on the patio last night while it rained & wished sage had been there to kick it with us.


jackie_o said...

Professor Plumbago lol. I always LOVED Clue.
Is Sage loving school? I bet he is. College is a blast.
Say Happy Birthday to VV for me.

Hey, you know what's weird? I bookmarked your blog when I found it and I check it every morning when I check my other favorites. It has said September (Tuesday, September 05, 2006 'scuse me while i kiss the sky ) every day until today. All at once I saw September 9, 11, 12 etc. At first I thought "well she just posted everything today when she got the chance", but then I see comments on the other dates since September. What up with that? Maybe I was seeing what was cached? But I didn't hit the refresh today when I saw all the new stuff. hmmm. curious.

Anonymous said...

We are getting rain too, and the plants are loving it. As far as the A/C that went away a couple of weeks ago its been chilly and the house has been sitting at 68. On the other hand the roses are looking awesome and have tons of blooms in their full glory of color. No wash outs here. The fall asters and mums are in their zone and I have most of the pansies and johnny jump ups planted for winter. I agree alls right with the garden. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to VV.

Anne said...

Beauteous shot, as usual, Mizz Dawn. Plumbago grows like a weed in my neck of the woods. Responds well to a good hacking to keep it inbounds.

rebecca said...

ooh that is lovely. and now we have another idea for our trashcan alley of the future. i have your seeds in a treasure box and am holding it dear.

there's nothing like clean laundry. we did linens yesterday.... what a great sleep last night. a house cleaning frenzy really does clear the mind too.

how is sage? other than being too far away?