Sunday, October 08, 2006

kitchen toy

okay, i have wanted a krups panini press for years. i would pick it up and put it down with the reasoning 'do you really need something else?' well, apparently, we did.

we bit the bullet and got one on sale. lemme tell you that i wish i had never waited. it doesn't help that i had my major "en-ah-bler" with me. this almost 12yearold is worse than any rose enabler that has ever crossed my path and rose enablers deal in the most evil sort of enabling, a crazy rosewitchcraft of sorts.

we are past the newproductcrushfaze and this thang is still the freaking bomb. you can bet money on what we are having for dinner tonight.

openface sandwich with garden basil & tomatoes,
artichoke hearts, swiss & ham

a few thoughts from this weekend:

1) after watching lucky number slevin, josh hartnett is still a perfect mix of tommy lee jones & benicio del toro. be still my heart.

2) i love freddy. i would totally leave my window open just so she could come in and cozy up at the end of our bed, providing that she doesn't eat cats or raid the litter box and can hold her own in a pack of small pooches.

3) i might just make my 50bookchallenge (fifty books per calendar year) by december 31st. i am gladly taking recommendations for the rest of the year & for 2007. what are your favorite books?

4) my gingers never bloomed this year. *sniffle* though, our baby oak tree grew by leaps & bounds this year and this is the first season it set acorns. one day, it will cover the hotspot in the front yard.


Anne said...

That looks just fabulous, Dawn!

Lynn said...

Ahhhh....Josh Hartnett!!! One of the many great reasons to say you are from the great state of Minnesota!!!

remis velisque said...

oh my goodness i want a freddie visit, too! she's so beautiful and the whole series that shows he warming up to the family there is wondrous.

panini grill!! oooh we are jealous... niko really wants one, i'll have to show him yours. you should make a grilled bleu cheese and sorrel sammy!