Friday, October 27, 2006


into the halloween weekend, we go...

we are really squeezing just one more trickortreating in. next year, babygirl will seriously be too old. so this weekend will find me making a witchballerina costume & halloween minicupcakes on sunday night. we lucked out that halloween isn't on dancelesson night.

i have to finish an order & revisions over the weekend and hope to get to play in the studio and manage to get my thrift on, too!

1 comment:

fiwa said...

Very ghostly!
Awww... I hope VV has fun on her last TorT event. A rite of childhood is passing away... now it's on to Halloween PARTIES!

Hope y'all have fun.
Good luck thrift'n. The rain has started in here so I'm back to my beloved Value Village.