Wednesday, July 19, 2006

in progress

well, i finished my new frontpage to my site...and thought i had conquered html, only to find out that the links work on my computer but hardly on other's computers. ARRRRRGH!

now,back to trying to read greek with the wrong bifocals.


fiwa said...

I love it. I just want to grab that journal and make off with it!

You have been much more prolific with your blog than I. This is good; if I want to stay in touch that means I'll have to get busy and start taking pics of my GS finds and get 'em posted!

dawn said...

girl, thank you.
it has been a good journalexercise in putting my thoughts 'out there' a bit more & i enjoy it.
uh, yeah...please show me your goodies.

debora said...

now that is good looking! i love how the light streams through the page.
the literal "pattern" background - to the graph paper with the stamp printing.
it's all in the small details that make it just perfect! the two o's in portfolio that decided to go the same way.... can't wait to see the rest!

P.S. i am incredibly jealous. imagemapping??? with linking???

dawn said...

debora, if i can do kindasorta do imagemapping, you surely can!
thank you so much for your vote of YES! i have to shoot
some product for the folio page, but
dang, it feels good to be a gangsta. :)

fiwa said...

I keep checking back to see what you've updated. It really does look great!

dawn said...

fiwa, thank you.
do the links work for you?

it does on all of the computers here and then a friend
said that the links didn't work.

fiwa said...

Most of them do - but let me go back and see which one didn't.

Now wait - when I click on Bio now it goes to your blog? I was thinking it went somewhere else earlier in the week?

Fotos, boutique and folio work, but licensing, press and contact don't?

Is that miz V in the first pic, hiding behind the green yarn? That looks like something out of Vogue. Those eyes are mesmerizing!

dawn said...

thanks, girl, for checking for me.
i cannot figure this out...mowing the lawn is way easier.

yep, that is the princess herself.

fiwa said...

Hey Dawn, Clarke_mas wanted to know if you are using a program to create your website, or if you're writing the code out by hand?

dawn said...

by hand...
which i bet he tells me that is the problem. :)

fiwa said...

He liked your site, he said he was impressed if you were doing it by hand!