Tuesday, July 18, 2006

crazy gene

i got a 'new assignment coming' shout-out today which i love cuz
i know work is coming and i can play until it gets here.

today, i made a new pillow. back in the day, i was a crazy quilter.
when you love roses, you kinda go crazy and it is obvious that you
had a passion before the roses ate it. well, i was a fabricwhore...
but i did most of it by hand. (rosepeople have an innate crazy gene.)

this is a machinequilted pillow and it was fun! my goal is to use
all of the stuff that i hoard...and i used some of my favorite vintage

also, i organized my studio. it was looking like kansas after dorothy
arrived...and i worked on elements for an update of my site.

i just got in from a threemilewalk in freakin 100degree weather.
the only reason i walk is so i can earn the right to drink cold beer.
this one tastes like two.

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