Monday, June 05, 2006


yesterday, we got up waytooearly and drove out to our ranchette.
we ain't JR, we just have 97 acres...hence, the -ette.

it is about an hour from our doorstep to where our gate will be. we bought this property almost a year ago and it will be an eternity of sundays of clearing cedar, moving rocks & discovering stuff. we just put a road in and plan to extend it to the back of the property once we get the front gate up. before the road, we could barely walk on the property.

it will be our wildlife sanctuary and eventually will look into beekeeping since we have buttloads of buttloads of mountain laurel trees up there.
the view:

the road:

we harvested five more nice limestone pavers for my potager. i really need to finish my path.

when we got back, i cleaned the house & did laundry. page primed my studio. he says in two more weeks that it should be ready. next week is painting & then reattaching all electrical & fans.

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