Saturday, May 20, 2006

pea sweets

sweet peas from the garden

1) well, i am back online...woohoo! it was actually nice to be without the internet this week.

2) yesterday was our last 'field day'. i almost didn’t go, due to work, but then felt guilty since i had never missed one with the three kids.

3) my transplanted rootling of the flores street house eater has new growth!
it had been flourishing in the shade for over a year (no blooms, of course) and i found the spot for it on the semi-new garden divider/screen. for the past month or so, i have been worried about this transplant...but this week, it busted out a move & has fabulous new growth. this noisette is either lamarque or brightside cream.

4) sanding is finished in the studio & now on to painting. hopefully, the windows arrive this week.

5) thursday, we will be screaming along with alice cooper. schoolz out for summah!

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