Tuesday, May 30, 2006


well, so many things have progressed since my last entry...
(not in order of significance, mind you!)
our latest acquisition from one of my heroes, robert crumb.
unopened box of devil girl choco-bars arrived earlier today.
page is a crazed ebay hawker. i just love this score.

blush noisette from this morning. this noisette is one of my favorites,
simply because it blooms like it has a caffeine drip and its fragrance is
what we have been programmed to think of when we think of 'rose'.
it smells like the lovechild of all things rose and love's baby soft.

we worked our butts off in the studio.i still need to mop the saltillo tile floor. the windows still haven't arrived...i had to go get more caulk and i was so dirty&dusty that i kept getting my purse gunked up, but we did what we set out to do for the day...and yes, cold shiner was involved.

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