Saturday, April 01, 2006

saturday roseporn starring 'the cant that could'

mrs. b.r. cant

oh, yes...she is shameful. a downright hussy.
but have you seen anything prettier?

oh, maybe you haven't seen her boss,
madame wagram.

i had breakfast with sage in the wee hours of the morning before his SAT test.
did gardenwork, picked up #1 from SAT test,
dropped vv at mirielle's house for sleepover,
picked up #2 son to trade in some cymbals for another cymbal
(i can't knock the cymbal thing.
some people actually think roses simply come in colors.)
took #1 son to best buy to blow his wad on dvds...
and now i am home cleaning like a fishwife for page's bosses.

oh, is almost winethirty.

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