Saturday, April 22, 2006

chawkin foolz

t spent the night last night.
the girls were ready to go chalking their friends' sidewalks and they came out like this.

very professional.
i was impressed.

they got k's house & he caught them.
we finally made our way to l's house (who had been called by k)
so he was waiting for them in the dark...
he punked them so hard. i could barely talk through the laughter to my husband on my cell.

ah, to be so loved!
i can't wait to see who my kids turn out to be.

i wish i had a videotape of them flattening down like secretagentmen
on the the sidewalks whenever a car went by while they were chalking messages.
too cute.

when we made the rounds, they called k to bemoan the punking.
he said to come back and chalk him again
& my daughter said 'we can't. my parents are about to go to bed.'

'at 9:16!!!!????', he growled.

kiddies, don't get old. this is embarrassing.

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