Monday, March 06, 2006

glitter glam

my eye caught this and it made me so happy...
i love my studio & its contained junque!

this weekend was insanely crazy.
we had the garagesale-2-end-all-garagesales on saturday & sunday.

page forced me to go through the coat closet. okay, so i had a bit
of a coat fetish...but it is cleared up & i am on antibiotics for it.
i sold buttloads of them & everyone is happy. he has designated
the ex-coat closet as our wine cellar (i don't know why that cracks me up!) we officially have a shelf of wine now.

i loaded the unsold last night & took it to goodwill. the kids sold
their bigticket items & we made $325 (not including the kids' takes)
and *drumroll please*
the boxster fits in the garage now!

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