Thursday, February 23, 2006

vick's caprice & garden musings

i actually got some things done in the garden yesterday & planted:
  • my meyer lemon tree in a protected area behind the longroom. i will still have to protect it when freezes come, but it will be worth it.

  • two artichokes

  • red cascade to grow on the new garden divider

  • removed the frozen (read: dead!) plumeria from its pot and put my other souvenir de la malmaison in its place

  • i am officially out of room. if you ever see me at a nursery, please kick my sorry butt to the curb.

    my vick's caprice is still WOWing me.

    most of the new growth & new canes on my roses were zapped by this last round of freezes. this weekend, i need to get the minichainsaw out and prune back the bananas & the castor plants, but all in all the garden looks like it fared pretty well through the winter.

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