Monday, February 20, 2006

meyer lemon blossoms

am back with the living after a week of illness.
have never been that sick in my life
& actually had to go to a doctor & am still on antibiotics...
still don't crave my morning caffeine or a piece of chocolate...
my signs of pure health!

i am contemplating putting my meyer lemon tree in the ground or keep it in a pot.

am really ready for spring to get here.
we had the firepit going last night & i knew it was cold
when the dogs wanted to be inside rather than be in our laps & in our coats!

i am in a 'purge' mode & plan to have a garage sale in two weeks. remodeling is coming along nicely
& the stuff on the deck has to go. hopefully, tonight i can start pricing and go through each room
for extra stuff.

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